Why is Iron important for the women health

In the olden days, doctors used to check the eyelid for any disease whether the patient is iron deficient or not because doctors know that iron is the root cause for any disease. Iron is one of the most precious minerals in everyone’s life. Iron develops hemoglobin in the blood cells which is the carrier of oxygen to our internal organs. Without sufficient oxygen, our internal organs can’t perform to the peak, when our internal organs don’t perform well our system starts responding with symptoms.

Normal women required 15mg (RDA) of iron every day for their healthy life, a working woman may require more as she has to manage home, carrier, children, and her partner, top of that they have natural blood loss every month also they can’t concentrate on iron-rich food in their busy schedule. Even if they fed with fruits and vegetable which are the normal iron source for a common person the iron absorption in non-heme iron is too less unless it’s incorporated with vitamin C. Namely when consuming dates, pomegranate, green leaf, prune it has to be accompanied with any citric fruits like lemon, orange, etc. Which is not always practical.

80% of the above symptoms are caused by iron deficiency which has to be rectified or it can cause many serious diseases like cardiac arrest, blood cancer, renal disease, etc. According to several researches, 50% of cardiac arrest is due to iron deficiency. In India 1 out of 2 women are found anemic and 89.7% of women are iron deficient. 

During low iron our system will have to work hard to produce iron, the heart will have to pull from another mineral to produce hemoglobin this can cause deficiency of those minerals which is also important for the daily performance of our daily life.

When there is no adequate iron in our body it affects physical and mental performance in the career, which again causes our career growth. For example, tiredness and irritation are twin babies which is very common with iron-deficient anemic people. When a person gets irritated, their mental health is disturbed that can lead to unwanted misunderstanding, 1 out of 5 women is having PCOS issues which are passively connected to iron deficiency. Mainly PCOS issue is caused by extra strain, strain happens when you don’t have enough hemoglobin in your body. Even many physiologists believe 60 to 70% of women’s health can be rectified with a good amount of iron in their bodies. Unfortunately, 80% of the world population is not getting adequate iron for their body.

Another big challenge for women is menstrual pain. Around 80% of women experience period pain at different stages in their lifetime. Suffering from period pain may be from your early teens right up to menopause. The majority of the women experience some discomfort during menstruation, especially the first couple of days. But in 5% to 10% of women, the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life. These cramps can cause an absence in their profession. In some cases, even the kitchen declared holiday during these days. During these days women feel very insecure and irritated by their helplessness. They need extra care and nursing but it is not that practical in a nuclear family where both husband and wife will be professionals. These days not only affect their career life but also family and especially children’s life.

An iron-deficient lady may have abnormal periods which leads to ovulation issues and causes fertility too. During pregnancy women need double iron for fetus development and also for their body, during this time iron-rich food is very compulsory. Unfortunately nowadays people are more dependent on iron supplements than iron food, iron supplements are chemically or synthetically produced which can have short term or long-term side effects. Due to fast life, people don’t have to understand the seriousness. During delivery, women lose half a liter to one and a half liters of blood and there will be postpartum blood loss too. Neonatal can’t be fed with iron-rich food for 6 months, So it’s recommended 1000 days of iron-rich food 

Iron deficiency is not a disease; it has to be rectified with iron-rich food. Nature has blessed all the minerals and vitamins that a human requires as he is blessing us with adequate oxygen and water. Following are the iron-rich food in the vegetarian friendly. Dark leaf as Spinach, legumes, pumpkins seeds, black jeera, Ramnath seeds, quinoa, broccoli, tofu, dark chocolate, peanuts, walnut, pistachio, roasted almonds, roasted cashews, tofu, baked potato, and many more but these irons are heme iron and need to be incorporated with vitamin C foods like citric fruits, lemon, prune, gooseberry and other berries, etc. Or the iron absorption will be very low from 2% to 5%.

Non-vegetarian can enjoy internal organs such as liver, red meat, pork and poultry, seafood, etc. These non-heme iron-rich foods are easily absorbed up to 45 to 50%.

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Why is Iron important for Women

In the olden days, doctors used to check the eyelid for any disease whether the patient is iron deficient or not because doctors know that iron is the root cause for any disease.