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Our Subscription plans

Iron is regular requirement for growth and development of every individual. As body is filled 70% of fluid. Iron being important mineral helping in the supply of oxygen to every cell of the body, oxygen supply reduces and cause complication in the system when the required iron isn’t consumed. With sufficient amount of iron, you experience a healthier lifestyle with ideal productive, creative and easier phase.
We understand your difficulty to reach to us every month for your pack of VeaChoc, hence we introduce you Subscription option – 6 months and 1 year. With a great bonus discount on the pack of 480/-, to an amount of 325/-(inclusive 50/- of shipping) which sums up to only 3950/- for a year. The ordered pack of VeaChoc will be reaching you every month on your specified date of receiving.

Terms and conditions of Subscription:

  1. Subscription will be activated from the date and month you activate your first order.
  2. Subscription shall not be clubbed with any other offers.
  3.  Subscription once opted shall not be cancelled in between the term agreed.
  4. In general, dispatch of VeaChoc shall be done after the confirmation of the customer for the availability to receive.
  5. Non-refundable.
  6. In case of negligence of the customer, if the subscribed pack of VeaChoc returns back to the company, the customer shall bear the cost of shipping for re-dispatch.
  7.  Subscription shall be applicable as 1 Pack per person.
  8.  Subscription shall not be extended.
  9. To receive 2 packs or more every month, the customer shall integrate the plan activation twice