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We understand that lack of awareness about the need of Iron, complication & symptoms of Iron deficiency is the primary reason behind the prevalence of Iron Deficiency.The initial hiccup was to formulate a product with both health and taste,easy-to-eat & natural, to develop a healthy lifestyle with Iron. 

Hence we categorised VeaChoc into 2:

VeaChoc RakthaPushti :
Is our premium product. There no added chemicals/preservatives. Hence we recommend anyone who prefer to consume it for a longer duration/high iron required segments like athelete, pregnant, lactating mother etc. VeaChoc RakthaPushti is available in 4 different tastes, namely, VeaChoc RakthaPushti Dark chocolate, VeaChoc RakthaPushti Milk chocolate, VeaChoc RakthaPushti White chocolate, VeaChoc RakthaPushti SugarFree.

VeaChoc Daily : is made with base of compound chocolate. Bought mostly by teenagers/ youth who prefers taste over health. VeaChoc Daily is definitely your right choice for iron with taste.

VeaChoc is a chocolatey blend of iron-rich seeds for your daily consumption. It is made simple, tastier, and without losing the richness of seeds. All the seeds are used naturally (without being processed) like Nigella Seeds, Flax seeds, sesame seeds, Rajgira, Ragi, Dates, Almonds, Pista, etc. VeaChoc is having natural iron absorbent along with Iron-rich seeds.

Iron Requirement

Growing Children: 10mg/day
Women : 18mg/day
Men : 11mg/day
Pregnant : 27mg/day
Lactating Mother: 27mg/day
Athelete : 15mg/day

Nutritional Value of Veachoc

1 pack consists of 30 chocolates of 7.6g each.
For every 100 grams:
Energy: 430.68 KCal

Protein:  3.19g
Fats :18240mg
Folic :0.0113mg
Vit. C :5.903mg

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Studies Conducted

Garment Factory​

Initially, we conducted a study in a Garments factory in Peenya in the year 2019. A survey was conducted on their health status, age, lifestyle, nature of work & their energy level during
different phases of the day. VeaChoc was distributed among the female employees daily along with that monitored their production level. By the end of 2 weeks,
it was found that the overall 20% production was increased. In addition to that, many of them experienced better sleep, energetic evenings, and effortless labor time.

MK Ahmed(Nagarbhavi)

The second study was conducted among a younger audience. The female staff of Nagarabhavi MK Ahmed. Their age group was between 20-28years. The study focused mainly on their emotional health &
menstrual cramps affected by Iron. The study of 14 days showed better days of menstruation with lesser pain and an effective work environment with lesser frustration/distress.
The taste was accepted by 95% of them.

Saroja Memorial English High School

With the permission of the principal and admin staff, the study was conducted on 10th STD students in early 2020. The base of the study was to understand the improvement in concentration
and creativity in growing children. They reported feeling attentive in class. Other symptoms of iron deficiency like fatigue, hair fall, reduced appetite, etc were also addressed.
Taste being a great factor in youngsters, they reported accepting 90%. Based on this study, during the pandemic lockdown, Our research and development team came out with great results
on taste variants.