The name VEA says V Eradicate Anemia; with a mission to have a healthy and energetic World. Vea also means to be unique/ to be followed by everybody who loves something different.

 We have many Iron Supplements in the markets, also a lot of Iron-rich food too. But we have understood, after a lot of research and expert opinion that people are not ready to eat regularly unless it’s yummy and quick to consume. Hence, we have come up with a formulation of Chocolate blend with Seeds which are rich in Iron. VeaChoc has not just Iron in it, but also Iron absorbent (Vit C) which helps you to absorb Iron even from your normal routine diet.


 “Healthy and Energetic World.”


The word “Healthy” has different aspects in our day-to-day life. A person is healthy, Only if his physical & emotional state is in peace and trouble-free. Bringing to this balance is difficult. We take a minor yet immense step to get this health. It is believed that when a person is energetic and fit, they give immense contribution/ attain the fruitful result, which again gives them higher motivation and contentment. Thus, being healthy is a massive factor.
Being iron deficient can be too risky in the long & short run. It is the largest and common nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron deficiency is not a disease, it is just a nutritional deficiency that leads to major health issues including heart failures. It can be because of a lack of awareness among people about its causes, symptoms, complications, preventive steps. VeaChoc is setting an example of consuming iron-rich foods in a tastier and natural way to make it a regular habit, hence uprooting this from society.
This is the desired future position of the company. The healthier lifestyle of every single individual will contribute to a healthier society, leading to a stronger economy and an energetic world.


“Better and productive economy.”

This mission statement is defined what the company does, and our objectives. Aspirar Sphere Pvt. Ltd. with its product VeaChoc, trying to uplift the society and economy. A healthier and happy society is a positive environment for anyone to live and grow. VeaChoc helps the basic correctness of our food habits. Making VeaChoc part of your life takes care of iron and iron absorption, which enables a person to become energetic and free from various health issues. It gives people motivation to work more and be productive. That adds to the country’s economy and improving the lifestyle of the people.
Improving and empowering women’s health in the country alone can lead to a greater place to live. As every woman experiences some sort of iron deficiency during their lifetime due to monthly blood loss and especially in a country like that of India as woman do not prioritize their routine. 

Leave your foot print before you leave the world

We at Aspirar sphere pvt Ltd. Is formed with a noble cause and a strong vision to create healthy world, we believe, if natural ingredients blessed by the almighty used properly along with the generation’s interest, the life will be healthy and enjoyable.Life is changing vastly and the medicine is so advanced even our internal organs can be transplanted. But we are far behind for our basic needs of the health. In modern science, the layman is so confused which branch of medicine is safe. The medicine which is quick effective have lots of side affect and the medicine that cure from root take long time for which present generation doesn’t have patience.Knowingly unknowingly we opt for tasty food which pave way for many diseases; it’s high time to re think before we sip n bite how healthy is the food and drink. In past human eat to survive and now a majority of people survive to eat and drink. Major victims are from ladies and children.Here comes our vision more valuable and noble. Our vision is for revolution with natural ingredients which can help to come out as simple solution for many diseases.Vea Choc is first for such kind from Aspirar Sphere pvt ltd and we wish to travel more miles by finding easy solution for noticed and unnoticed diseases and to improve the human health.It was not a easy task for us to meet the formula, taste, pricing, marketing. But the overwhelming response from society and dedicated doctors keep our going alive. As more than 2 billion people around the world is going through this unnoticed but serious issue we need to more awareness round the corner.We will be happy partner with NGOs, central/state governments, agencies like WHO/UNICEF who are looking right kind of simple solution. In past most of the above agencies have tried to overcome with medicinal solution but the negative attitude of public didn’t made them success. Looking forward for earnest co operation from one and all HUMAN BEING  to BE A HUMAN

Abdul Jaleel